Benny at pet therapy

Benny at pet therapy

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Benny Passes National Temperament Test!

Benny Passes National Temperament Test
American Temperament Test Society
Dixon, CA
August 2, 2014

First photo is after the test, in the main vendor aisle with the main entrance behind me. 

Second photo is the same day, Benny's first ear hair trim in a year and a half. He has not had enough hair to need trimming! His coat is finally getting fuller, but it still has a long ways to go. 

Benny also got a new hand-made Martingale collar at the show by All Hounds Apparel, who had a booth at the show. They make great Sighthound collars, slipleads and Martingale collars. Benny loves his!

Benny did great in all the tests, and even barked at the weird stranger at the end. 

Here is a link to what the test consists of:

Benny's Alma Mater Central California SPCA says, "Congratulations!"