Benny at pet therapy

Benny at pet therapy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Benny Competes in Conformation in Terrier Derby and Wins Best Dachshund!

Racing and Coursing Enthusiasts
Terrier Derby Fun Show 
October 11, 2014
Judge: Daryl Turner

Benny Wins Best Dachsund!

American Pit Bull Terriers
Adult Male
1. Zealand
Adult Female
1. Jolene
Puppy Female
1. Greta
Best of Breed: Zealand

Puppy Male
1. Teddy
Adult Male
1. Benny
2. Truffle
3. Blackfoot
4. Renley 

Veteran Male 
1. Leeroy Jenkins 

Adult Female 1. Mina
Best of Breed: Benny

Jack Russell Terriers
Adult Female
1. Gertie 2. Zooey 3. Maddie
Best of Breed: Gertie

Mixed Breeds
Adult Male (Medium)
1. Raster
2. Yoshi

Adult Male (Small) 
1. Rusty 
2. Millimeter 

Adult Female (Medium) 

1. June

Best of Breed: Rusty

Patterdale Terriers
Puppy Male
1. Taz
Puppy Female
1. Tovah
Best of Breed: Taz

Rat Terriers
Adult Male
1. Tanner 2. Rascal
Adult Female
1. Nut Nut 2. Spryte 3. Agate 4. Pixel Veteran Female 1. Opal
2. Beryl
Best of Breed: Tanner

Russell Terriers
Adult Male
1. Brystol 2. Oscar Adult Female 1. Gigi
Best of Breed: Gigi

West Highland White Terriers
Adult Female
1. Kiley
Best of Breed: Kiley

Best in Show: 
Gigi (Russell Terrier) 

Res. Best in Show: 
Tanner (Rat Terrier)

Best in Show Puppy: 
Taz (Patterdale Terrier)

Best in Show Veteran: 
Opal (Rat Terrier)